The Big Pitcher

Called the “miracle pitcher” by many, is a small appliance that oxygenates your drinking water safely, conveniently and affordably.

Big Pitcher Topics

  1.  Acidic body pH, a popular subject in the wellness culture, is actually a low-oxygen condition.  More oxygen = alkaline body pH!
  1.  This product is Made in the USA and has earned a NASA technology award.
  1.  The basic formula for life and health is   Food + Oxygen = Energy
  • The average person has enough food but oxygen is the limiting factor.  More Oxygen means more energy and longlasting health.
  1. Testimonials:  “I can play with my grandchildren!”  Mona W.
  • “My doctor asked me what I was doing to look and feel so great – the miracle pitcher I told him!”  John C.
  • “My little old dogs are running around like puppies!” Freida K.
  • “I was able to go back to work weeks earlier than planned after chemotherapy! And I feel great!” Ken L.
  • “No more Nexium” Chad M.
  • “One of our Alzheimer’s patients is making conversation, making jokes and is engaged and the only change is that he’s drinking your oxygen-rich water!”
  1. Oxygen Orchard, Inc., based in Rosenberg, Texas, have been the exclusive manufacturer of The Big Pitcher for more than ten years.
  2. The product carries 3-year factory warranty and warrant the product for three years!
  3. Our customer service has been rated five-star and we strive to keep our customer base happy.

The Big Pitcher: Technology

  1. Hypoxia is the medical term given to the condition of insufficient oxygen in the cell.
  2. There are innumerable reasons for hypoxia, including but not limited to anemia, hemorrhage, disease, obesity and life-style choices.
  3. Basic laws of physics govern how The Big Pitcher works.  Gases dissolving into liquids is measurable and repeatable and the science is more than a century old.  Oxygen Orchard uses Stillmeadow Labs, Sugar Land, TX, for verification of dissolved oxygen levels  in a given period of time, i.e. 20 minutes to four hours to seven days; dissolved oxygen levels with powdered vitamin products added; dissolved oxygen in glass versus plastic bottles; dissolved oxygen, etc.
  4. There are four methods for oxygenating water:  Diffusion, chemicals, agitation and electrical.  The Big Pitcher uses Diffusion, the most efficient method for oxygenating water, according to the US EPA.  The Big Pitcher uses less electricity than a night light.
  5. The Big Pitcher was a beneficiary of NASA’s Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program  (SATOP) and appeared in the SATOP “Success” publication.
  6. The human body requires 367 liters of oxygen daily.  Pulmonary function sometimes fails to deliver adequate oxygen to the cell.  Oxygen-rich water is absorbed into the bloodstream, just as everything else is absorbed.  When saturated into water, the oxygen becomes a physical property of the water itself.  It is no longer a free gas.
  7. Supplemental oxygen enhances cellular function. Energy production is oxygen-dependent.  Cells require oxygen to metabolize nutrients in order to create energy. This is oversimplified, but at the mitochondria (tiny ‘energy factories’ in each cell), the Krebs cycle converts digesta to ATP, which is utilized by the cell to create the energy it needs to perform its function and to rid itself of waste. In our society, where food/nutrients are abundant, oxygen is the limiting factor.
  8. Water… carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells.
  9. Source: Drinking Water Research Foundation, Mayo Clinic)
  10. Acidic body pH, a very popular subject in the wellness culture today, is a low-oxygen condition.  Drinking ‘alkaline water’ with a high pH in order to combat acidic body pH is treating the symptom.  Drinking oxygenated water will treat the cause, providing the cell with adequate oxygen for efficient energy production and avoiding lactic acid production.
  11. In a double-blind test conducted by John Duncan, PhD, fifteen amateur athletes drank oxygenated water for two weeks prior to running a 10K (6.2 miles).  More than 80% of those having been given the oxygenated water to drink ran a personal best. This was “statistically significant” according to Dr. Duncan, who also said “there are no algorithms in place to determine the effects of drinking oxygen-rich water.”
  12. The Big Pitcher has been in the marketplace for eight years.  An enormous volume of testimonials and anecdotal evidence supports the theories of researchers.  Traditional medicine, while recognizing the importance of oxygen in life/death scenarios, has not yet realized the powerful potential of prevention/healing in alternative oxygen therapies.
  13. The work of Linus Pauling, MD, in his studies of Vitamin C, are being re-examined.  The chemical formula of most Vitamin C products are very high in oxygen atoms:  50-65%.
  14. Adipose tissue (fat cells) is made up of large numbers of carbon and hydrogen atoms and very few oxygen atoms.  The metabolic action of breaking down fat requires an enormous amount of oxygen, depriving vital organs of adequate oxygen.  This may explain why obese patients suffer from greater rates of disease.
  15. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D., author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, said “The human body is accustomed to oxygenated water that comes down the mountains and rainwater that collects oxygen as it descends to the ground.  The body is not accustomed to many times recycled water that is oxygen depleted.”
  16. Teri Mathis is the Founding President of Oxygen Orchard, Inc., an inventor of The Big Pitcher and author of Water: The New Wisdom, a compilation of more than twelve years of biomedical oxygen research.  WNW is due to be released through Vendale Publishing in 2014

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